martes, 12 de julio de 2011

sigan las instrucciones de lanhec

To get the patch, go to the link provided by "sotelo" in his comment. Once at the site, scroll down to post #51(look for the number at the top right corner of the post's box). To see the link you'll have to join that site (its free and only takes a minute). I would post the direct link here but its only fair that these people get their acknowledgment too.

D/l this torrent as usual then:

1. Go into "setup" file
2. Go into "INSTALL" file
3. Run "Setup"
4. Enter "demo" when asked for a serial
5. Uncheck "Help" and "Documentation" files when you reach the screen that asks you what you want to install.
6. After installation finishes do NOT run the program,instead run the "EV7 Crack XP" you got from that site i referred you to. When it comes up click "Patch".
7. Wait for it to finish doing what it has to then click "exit".
8. That's it, run Eviews 7!

Program has never crashed on me, ran some regressions, unit root tests, and correlograms. Works like a charm....hey that kinda rhymes :p

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